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Conscientious objectors who died as a result of their treatment.
* indicates those who died in prison

Allen, Peter (Nelson)
Allen, Tom (Nelson)
Allen, Water G., (New Southgate)
Barlow, A. (Mansfield, Woodhouse)
Battenham, F. (Downham Market)
Benyon, H. (Swansea)
*Bone, Walter (Birkenhead)
Bowden, F. (Oldham)
Brentnall, A. G. (London)
*Bridle, O. S. (Brighton)
Brightman, H. (Camden Town)
*Burns, W. E. (Failsworth)
*Butler, A. (Stockport)
Cainey, Thomas (Manchester)
Campbell, N. A. (Glasgow)
*Campbell, P. (Isle of Skye)
Cobb. C. J. (Croydon)
Crosby, Ernest (Liverpool)
Dardis, G. H. (Risca)
Deller, L. (West Brompton)
Dunbery, P. (Blackburn)
England, E. (Leeds
Eungblut, A. (London)
Evans, J. (Cardiff)
Evans, R. G. (Reading)
Firth, H. W. (Norwich)
*Gillane, P. L. (London)
Gouldsborough, H. (Blackburn)
Hall, Percy (Old Dalby)
Haston, H. (Chesterfield)
Henderson, A. (Dundee)
Hirst, H. M. (Stalybridge)
Hoad, H. (Chard Sutton)
Hooper, R. (Bradford)
*Horton, A. (Manchester)
Hurley, W. (Camberwell)
Hurst, A. (Southwark)
Hurst, H. (Manchester)
Jackson, Theodore
James, A. L. (Kingston)
James, H. (Worcester)
Linscott, S. (Newton Abbot)
Malcolm, W. W. (Glasgow)
Martlewe, A. (York)
Matchett, T. D. (Bath)
May, W. (Edinburgh)
Moss (Morley)
Mountfield, J. (Manchester)
Parkin, W. H. (Sheffield)
Parton, F. L. (Chiswick)
Peddieson, A. (Glasgow)
Phipps, H. (Harringay)
Richmond, Royle A. (Brighton)
Rigg, J. A. (Barrow-in-Furness)
Roberts, W. L. (Stockport) Walter died at Dyce
Rudall, A. (Newport)
Slater, A. J. (Glasgow)
Stafford, N. (Hyde)
Stanton, W. (Leicester)
Statton (Cardiff)
Swettenham, W. (Liverpool)
Taylor, J. (Silvertown)
Thompson, C. (Norwich)
Todd, G. (Willesden)
Wallis, B. (Newmarket)
Whilmore, P. A. (Coventry)
Whinnerah, G. (Barrow-in-Furness)
*Wilkinson, F. (Dulwich)
*Wilson, A. (Blackburn)
*Winter, J. G. (Cornsay)
Woodward, E. (Birmingham)
Zachnies, C. (Glasgow)

The wooden plaque records the names of the 73 British conscientious objectors known to have died at the times as a result of their treatment during WW1.

Carved in Britain the plaque was set up in 1924 in the Berlin headquarters of the German League of War Resisters. In 1933 it was taken to Denmark and in 1940 hidden in a cellar. After WW2 it was recovered and eventually brought back to London in 1959 and given to the Peace Pledge Union.

The plaque can be seen at the PPU offices:
1 Peace Passage London N7 0BT

::> Conscientious memorial stone

Peace Pledge Union 1 Peace Passage London N7 0BT