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Child and gunThe militarisation of our society is increasing daily. | more



Wipf bannerWhen the PPU began to write biographies for its website of the Men who said No, the conscientious objectors of WW1, I knew this needed to be balanced with accounts of the women who supported them and worked for peace. | more



VloraThe forces driving people's movement into Europe were already apparent in a near forgotten incident of 1991. | more



David Cameron’s long held wish to enlarge the Cadet Forces is finally taking shape. In his summer austerity budget George Osborn pledged £50 million to create cadet forces in 500 state schools. Most would be in ‘less affluent areas’. | more




We are working on a major project about conscientious objectors in the first world war and would be glad of any help you can give. See

Do you have any memories of conscientious objectors in your family or amongst your friends?

Are you interested in finding out more about this forgotten history?
Could you help us track down the men who stood up against the war and the women who supported them.

If you are interested in the fascinating stories of the men who refused to be conscripted and the women who supported them please get in touch with us.


Will you be wearing a white poppy this year? Make sure you get yours in time and why not tell your friends about it.

In and around London? Join us to lay a wreath of white poppies and hear Joanna Bourke. Remembrance Sunday, noon Tavistock Sq London WC1 | flyer here


poppy flyerWhat will you be remembering this November? | more

writing for peaceDuring the centenary commemoration of World War One, the PPU is offering a different way of looking at the conflict by introducing the Writing for Peace competition for schools in the UK.
We hope that teachers and their pupils will want to participate. | more



Grim reaperReyaad Khan was over the moon when he met shadow chancellor Ed Balls, he wanted to be Britain’s first Asian prime minister. Now he is dead, blown to pieces in Syria by the authority of the current prime minister. | more



MuralOne of the centenaries that threatens to pass by without a murmur in these years of remembering war is one of the most important to the Peace and Labour movements in this country. On the 26th of September 2015, we passed by the 100th anniversary of the death of Keir Hardie, now no closer to his life than his was to Waterloo. | more


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  Poppy stickerDue to popular demand the PPU's White Poppy self adhesive sticker is again available from the ppu shop

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