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Welcome to the Peace Pledge Union

The Peace Pledge Union is the oldest secular pacifist organisation in Britain. Since 1934 it has been campaigning for a warless world. From anti bombing campaigns during WW2 to protest at the remote controlled drone assassinations of today.

War is a crime against humanity. I renounce war, and am therefore determined not to support any kind of war. I am also determined to work for the removal of all causes of war.'
So why, in the 21st century, with all our skills, knowledge and resources, are we still waging war?

Some of what we do:
- our international white poppy project challenges the beliefs, values and institutions that make war inevitable, and presents an alternative view of security and how to achieve it without violence.
- our education for peace programme offers a wealth of resources to promote a better under- standing of the causes of war - it is not inevitable - and provides an awareness of the many alternative strategies to resolve conflicts nonviolently. War can be prevented.
- we are campaigning against the growing militarisation of education.
- our print and electronic resources range from CDs through practical books, such as Saying no to violence or Refusing to Kill and our serial publications.

Human security we believe means individual freedom from basic insecurities. Human beings have a right to live with dignity and security, and an obligation to help each other when that security is threatened. All human life is of equal worth, and it is not acceptable that human lives become cheap in desperate situations. War - we say no.

If this reflects your vision of the future, work with us to make it possible.
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There are more rules governing the ability to trade a banana from one country to the next than governing the ability to trade an AK-47 or a military helicopter

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International conscientious objectors day
International Conscientious Objectors Day ismarked around the world each year on 15 May to remember the generations who refused to go to war and support the many around the
world who continue to be persecuted and imprisoned for refusing to kill. | more

Share your memories and photos of past anti-war actions. | Find out more.

Resource wars
Many recent wars and armed conflicts have a strong link to the exploitation of natural resources. Legal and illegal resource exploitation help trigger or exacerbate violent conflict or finance its continuation. | more

Arms Trade
The trade in weapons - illegal and legal - contributes to instability and absorbs resources, which could be better used to build a peaceful world. |more

REMEMBRANCE DAY laying wreath of white poppies.
Tavistock Sq, London.
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  Pacifism what's it all
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Charity of the month

Peace Research & Education Trust
supports research, provides advice and information about the causes and effects of war and violence and ways of peacefully resolving conflict situations.| more

The ancient Olympic Games were in part a response to a question posed by a king of Greece in 774BC to the Oracle at Delphi: ‘How can we end the perpetual state of war between the city states of Greece?" he asked. | more

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Peace Pledge Union's white poppy project
Each year our white poppies project challenges the war-condoning values of embeded in many traditional remembrance ceremonies.

The red poppiy symbol was first used in France to raise funds for children orphaned during the 1914-18 war and was quickly taken over to raise funds for the very people engaged in that war.

The white poppy began as a message, mostly from women, many of whom were mothers, sisters, widows and sweethearts of men killed in the First World War. They, like many others, began to feel with the rising domestic and international tensions that the war to end all wars, in which their men had been maimed, killed or languished in prison for refusing to fight, would be followed by an even worse war. | participate

is one of our microsites with resources for pupils and teachers. The educationschool sign process and its content are not value free and neither is the material available there. The value that underpins the education resources here is the belief that nonviolence is better than violence; that building a culture of peace should be a priority and a part of this process is both to question and to challenge our easy acquiescence of a culture of violence.
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The Queen unveiled a monument to Bomber Command responsibel for killing some 305,000 to 500,000 German civilians read more | press release

The project aims to reclaim the lost voices of the young men, many of whom languished in prison, often in solitary confinement; young men who risked loss of family support, and social ostracism even despite being condemned to death, refused to put on a uniform or pick up a gun. | participate

Michael Buerk talks to Joe Glenton about how he made the choice to abandon the army and his colleagues because he couldn't agree with the war he had witnessed in Afghanistan.

Nuclear weapons
Despite agreement by major nuclear states to work towards nuclear disarmament, their failure to do so contributes to proliferation and consequent conflict.
| more
Conflict resolution
Conflict is a characteristic of human existence. It is part of the dynamic of life that drives us into the future. But it needs to be managed constructively. When associated with violence, destruction and killing, it is no longer a healthy part of living. Violent conflict solves few problems, creates many, and
breeds more unhealthy conflict to come. | more

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100 years of action for peace
The 20th century was
notorious for being the most violent but it was also a century of unprecedented action for peace.

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An army intelligence unit was used against civic organisations such as the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Peace Pledge Union |more

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