In July 2003 in City Hall, Cardiff, a life size statue commemorating the original womens' march to Greenham Common, together with a plaque, were unveiled by Jill Evans MEP and and women who participated in the first march.

The statue, of a mother holding a baby, was draped in mauve muslin, with suffragette coloured ribbons on her wrists and the baby’ s wrist. There were wild flowers around her feet. On the plaque was a poem in Welsh and English.

The statue of the mother and baby, the supporters say, tells the story of Greenham and will keep alive the memory of this women's action for peace, which started from Cardiff in 1981.

Among the speakers at the unveiling were two women from the USA. Karen Andrews, a soldiers wife, was inside the Greenham base for two years and is now studying Peace and Justice at Wellesley College. The other was a single mother with her two sons, the ex wife of a man who makes nuclear weapons in South Carolina.

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