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Peace Matters

Peace Matters is published quarterly by the Peace Pledge Union.





 Selection of articles by Margaret Melicharova


April 15th 2003 'stop war' demonstration passing the cenotaph in Whitehall, London.

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good will Acts of kindness and compassion during the Holocaust
-  remembering Young victims of the First World War
-  special agents Aid agencies and war
- global warning The USA and global responsibility
- good deeds: War prevention at work - and working
- against the tide: Germans who bravely resisted Nazism
- the vision thing: peace-building is happening everywhere
- good behaviou:r moral defences against barbarism and war
- reactionary forces: we've invented war - now we must build peace
- coercing and enforcing: post-war Bosnia
- Children in war: stories of child soldiers and victims
- peacemaking in the 20thcentury: looking back at 20th century peace action