A charity set up to provide advice and information on the causes and effects of war and violence and peaceful resolution

‘take the necessary steps to ensure that the practice of peace and non-violence is taught at all  levels in their respective societies, including in educational institutions.’
UN International Decade for a culture of peace and nonviolence for the children of the world

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To build peace, we need to understand the conditions for its growth, and develop the skills to overcome obstacles without recourse to self-perpetuating violence.

+ Crucially the coming generation needs to learn that neither violence nor threats of violence are the means for achieving a just or lasting peace.

+ The Trust initiates and supports projects and resources for teachers, parents and students, which offer a clear and challenging approach to the complex issue of war and peace and promote a better understanding of conflict and its nonviolent resolution.

Your support will help develop and expand this work and make resources available to a wider audience.

+ Our aim is to provide easy access and the necessary balance of material on issues related to peace and war and where appropriate match resources to the requirements of the National Curriculum. We also want to examine and publicise ways in which teachers and students are themselves dealing with issues of war, violence and peace. Material for the citizenship section of the curriculum in also in preparation.

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recent projects

Remembering War – is a teaching pack designed to raise often ignored issues about war, peace and remembrance; it including teachers’ notes and suggestions for projects, discussions and activities.
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Working Together: a handbook for co-operation, is an imaginative and practical introduction to co-operative skills, written primarily for parents, teachers, and anyone working with young people.
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Saying No to Violence: children and peace – is a publication which casts a critical look at the way we teach children to accept violence as natural and inevitable, suggesting alternative strategies to bring up children to act, and think, nonviolently; it containins suggestions for parents and teachers including lesson plans.
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Voices for Peace interactive CD explores proposals and activities that question the institution of war over the course of human history and gives the lie to the view that we are an inescapably warlike species. Through text, audio and video and the voices and experiences of conscientious objectors and others who have worked for peace during the last century, it looks at some of the seminal events which have made today’s world and present the ‘alternatives’ to war that are being actively developed.
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Refusing to Kill: conscientious objection in World War One brings the ignored but often dramatic stories of COs to life.
The book brings to a wider audience the radical struggle against war and comes with separate resources including lesson plans, original documents for teachers and pupils.
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conscientious objectors archive & educational resource

This is a new project whose aim is to reclaim the lost voices of the young men, many of whom languished in prison, often in solitary confinement and who risked loss of family support, and social ostracism because of their refusal to take part in war.

'Evidence indicates that young people who believe the myth that war is intrinsic to human nature are less likely to take part in actions for peace.'
Seville Statement on Violence

The project
tells the stories of the men and women conscientious
    objectors of the 20th century
+ documents their experience
+ publishes teaching resources
+ video records their recollections
+ The education and resource centre has
    - an extensive database of COs
    - original documents, letters and photographs
    - related DVDs and videos
    - audio recordings
    - books
    - support for students and researchers

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+ enable the publication and promotion of well-researched and designed teaching resources on peace and war which draw attention to issues and perspectives not usually available elsewhere
+ further the provision of resources on co-operative play and conflict resolution for all ages
+ help to maintain and develop a free information service designed specially for students doing project work on war and peace and related issues
+ support the development of information through electronic publishing via the web and CD-Roms, accessible to schools, colleges, researchers and interested individuals throughout the world.
+ support the employment of an Education Officer to promote peace education to teachers and schools.


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