The Nuclear Age began in July 1945 when the US tested its first nuclear bomb near Alamogordo, New Mexico. A few years later, in 1953, President Eisenhower launched his 'Atoms for Peace' Programme at the United Nations amid a wave of optimism.

However, the use of nuclear power has never been 'peaceful'. Half a century after Eisenhower's speech the planet is left with the legacy of nuclear waste, which will be radioactive for tens or hundreds of thousands of years - and still no safe solution for its disposal exists anywhere in the world.
Nuclear installations, whether military or civil, have a record of accidents and incidents, often covered up with lies and misinformation.

Calder Hall was opened by the Queen in 1956. Publicly described as a civil nuclear power station its real and secret purpose was to produce plutonium for Britain's nuclear weapons. Any electricity it produced was a byproduct. It was an early example of the untruths surrounding the development of nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Radiation released into the environment has led to the contamination of soil, air, rivers and oceans, and causes cancer.
Moreover, nuclear energy has never been economic, despite the massive state subsidies it has received for decades.

'The mind boggles that scientists...could have chucked highly active waste into silos with no thought as to how to get it out.
Chief nuclear safety inspector Laurence Williams on how radioactive waste is stored in the UK

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