It is believed that the US has some 100 nuclear weapons deployed in Britain, probably at USAF Lakenheath.

Devonport is expected to be an above ground storage site for sections of old, unusable submarines - where nuclear fuel (from reactor core) is extracted as part of a refit or decommission. The cores are then transported to BNFL Sellafield where they are stored in a cooling pond until a safe means of disposal is found.

                                                                                                                 <The single red square in the graphic on the left represents the TNT equivalent of all munitions used in World War Two. An estimated 6 million tons were used in that war and some 50 million people were killed.

The entire block of squares represents the TNT equivalent of world nuclear stocks at their peak.

The black squares are the operational stockpiles after planned reduction takes place and the lavender squares the stocks now being removed.

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