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Here is some material that could be useful.
There's a reflective article on the present relevance of Remembrance Day; there are extracts from contemporary accounts of the famous Christmas truce and other examples of co-operation across no-man's land; and contemporary accounts of the Great War itself as seen from the front lines. An exchange of letters with Erich Maria Remarque, the author of the famous antiwar novel 'All Quiet On The Western Front' is also included.

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All or any of this material lends itself for use in assembly hall or classroom, as background to studies of the Great War, or stimulus for discussion of war and peace issues.
20th century poetry and war

Two poem: For the Fallen & Anthem for a Doomed Youth with critical commentary

The Great War: Remembering | Comrade and Kamarad | Images |
History: Foolish thing in the Balkans | Start of World War One | Events |

- Opponents of the war
- Social and psychological consequence of war
- Story of a 'war memorial'
- Remembrance day - briefing notes
- Remember remember - activity sheet
- The Royal British Legion a different view
- Selected reading

tale of two poppies - designed for younger pupils but easily adaptable to any age group

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