The story of the conscientious objectors and the No Conscription Fellowship can be found (including video interviews) on our conscientious objectors site


In 1921, the No More War movement, replaced the No Conscription Fellowship in order to promote socialist pacifist principles; it gained increasing membership throughout the decade and merged with the Peace Pledge Union in 1937.

The No Conscription Fellowship was formed in opposition to compulsory conscription in 1914. During the war years it gave support to conscientious objectors, campaigned on their behalf and maintained links with their friends and families.

After the war when conscription ceased the NCF decided to close down. Some members went their own way to rebuild their lives, others turned their energies into working and campaigning for a better and warless world.

The No More War Movement campaigned on various anti-war issues until it merged with the new and much larger Peace Pledge Union.

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