The use of the red poppies at Remembrance time has spread to some of the ‘white’ Commonwealth countries – Canada, Australia and New Zealand -countries whose ‘origins’ and national pride lie in the bloodbath of the First World War. The white poppy has also made its appearance in these countries - most visibly in Canada.

For a number of years Canadian peace groups have made their own white poppies and in recent years have also been getting them from the Peace Pledge Union. In 2006 the Royal Canadian Legion noticed this and viewed it as an undesirable development and set its lawyers on the main Canadian distributor and the Peace Pledge Union. This action gained considerable publicity in the Canadian media and resulted in widespread support and a substantial increased sale of white poppies in Canada.

Under legal pressure the shop distributing the white poppies regrettably stopped distribution but many other Canadians have offered to take over in 2007.

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