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Ceasefire Now! End the Bloodshed in Gaza

As the humanitarian catastrophe deepens in Gaza, the PPU continues to call for an immediate ceasefire to end the bloodshed.

From the start of the war, we have supported an unconditional ceasefire as an urgent first step towards ending the suffering and loss of life, and addressing the root causes of the conflict.

We are working alongside other groups and organisations to support the wave of demonstrations in the UK against the war. As the British section of War Resisters' International, we are laising with our allies in other countries, including conscientious objectors in Israel.

We are calling on all PPU members and supporters to keep up the pressure for a ceasefire. We encourage you to join local and national demonstrations, and to get involved in nonviolent direct action against arms companies supplying Israel.

Please join our mailing list to keep up to date with the work the PPU is doing to support the ceasefire movement. PPU events and upcoming demonstrations can be found on our events page. For details of more upcoming protests around the UK, you can find helpful lists at Network for Peace, CND, Stop the War and elsewhere.

If you would like support or materials for demonstrations, please contact us on We are happy to provide PPU flyers to distribute - just let us know where you'll be using them and the amount you need.

Peace Pledge Union statements on the war in Israel and Gaza

As pacifists, we reject all forms of war and violence, regardless of who is enacting them. At the beginning of the war, the PPU joined other voices from the peace movement in condemning the attack by Hamas in Southern Israel, including the taking of hostages and the killing of more than 1200 people, as well as the Israeli attack that followed, which deprived Gaza of food and water and killed thousands of Palestinians in days.

The relentless Israeli assault has since killed well over 30,000 people, left much of Gaza in ruins, and subjected the population to starvation and displacement. It is also vital to recognise that this war is rooted in the decades long, asymmetrical violence of the Israeli government’s apartheid and occupation of Palestine.

The PPU has produced comments and statements in response to the war in Israel and Gaza, as well as the complicity of the UK government in the Israeli attack, the backlash against the ceasefire protests and the escalation of the conflict in the wider region. This list will be added to as the situation develops.