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Join or Renew your Membership to the PPU

Photo credit: Philip Wood

"War is a crime against humanity. I renounce war, and am therefore determined not to support any kind of war. I am also determined to work for the removal of all causes of war."

By signing this pledge and paying a small annual membership fee, you become a member of the Peace Pledge Union. 

Members benefit from:

  • A welcome pack (when you first join) with resources and briefings on issues of war and peace
  • Monthly email updates, with news and comment from the PPU
  • The chance to participate in the PPU’s decision-making, through our annual general meeting
  • Membership of the War Resisters’ International, a worldwide movement

Your membership money is vital to our work. We use it to: 

  • Campaign and educate, including through our White Poppy campaign, to challenge war and militarism, and to promote peace
  • Cover support and administrative costs, such as sending out mailings  
  • Pay our small team of staff, ensuring that they can commit extensive time to campaigning for peace

Recurring payments ensure reliable membership renewals, and to free up staff time enabling us to further campaign for peace.

Photo credit: European Bureau of Conscientious Objectors