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Remembrance & White Poppies

The white poppy has been worn in the run-up to Remembrance Day for over ninety years, as a symbol of remembrance and peace.

White poppies are worn every year by thousands of people across the UK and beyond. They were first produced in 1933 in the aftermath of the First World War, by members of the Co-operative Women's Guild. Many of these women had lost family and friends in the First World War. They wanted to hold on to the key message of Remembrance Day, 'never again'.

White poppies stand for three things.

Remembrance of all victims of war, including both civilians and members of the armed forces. We remember people of all nationalities. We remember those killed in wars happening now, as well as in the past. We also remember those who are often excluded from the mainstream, such as refugees and victims of colonial conflicts.
Challenging war and militarism, as well as any attempt to glorify or celebrate war. White poppies encourage us to question the way war is normalised and justified. They remind us of the need to resist war and its causes today.
A commitment to peace and to seeking nonviolent solutions to conflict. By drawing attention to the devastating human cost of war, white poppies highlight the urgency of our ongoing struggle for peace.

You can buy white poppies through our online shop. You can also find them in many shops, cafes and other outlets across the UK.

Watch writer and poet Benjamin Zephaniah explain why he wears a white poppy. "I love wearing my white poppy... We have to remember all victims of war, not just the select few. And we have to work towards a world where there is no war."

Help spread the word

Would you like to support the white poppy campaign? We would love to hear from you.

The first thing you can do is to wear a white poppy and tell your friends and family about it. Please get in touch if you're unsure about having these conversations. You may like to read our FAQ page.

And there are many other ways to get involved, from distributing white poppies in your community, work place, shop, school or faith group, to attending one of the many remembrance ceremonies featuring white poppies around the UK each year.

New eco white poppy design

The new white poppy design, released in 2022, has been developed in line with our nonviolent principles and our commitment to the environment.

White poppies were originally made in 1933 by the Co-operative Women’s Guild. Today, true to its roots, the new design is made by a workers’ co-operative in the UK.

The new white poppy design is better for the environment. It is plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable in household recycling along with paper and cardboard.

Photo of Co-operative Women’s Guild members courtesy of the Bishopsgate Institute