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Take action

Join with us and support our work for peace

Whatever your experience, you can play a part in the movement for peace and nonviolence.

Take action in everyday life:

  • Mention your support for peace to your friends, your family, at work, at college, in the pub...
  • Wear a white poppy at Remembrance time, symbolising remembrance for all victims of war and a commitment to peace; you can order them online

Take action online:

  • Sign the petition calling on the UK government to end exports of tear gas and other anti-protest equipment to the USA; Donald Trump is using them against Black Lives Matter campaigners.
  • Sign the petition supporting Ahmed Al-Babati, a British soldier who has been arrested by Military Police for criticising the war in Yemen.
  • Ask your MP to oppose the Overseas Operations Bill, which will effectively put armed forces above the law.
  • Get active on social media! You can follow the PPU on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Promote peace and chat with your fellow PPU supporters.

Take action locally:

  • Find out if there are local peace campaigns in your area, or in your university, trade union or faith group. If not, we can help you start one
  • Write to your local paper or call a radio phone-in to express your concerns. We’re happy to provide advice.
  • Sell white poppies in your community, workplace, school, university, faith group or trade union branch. 
  • Invite a PPU speaker to your local group or community. ​​​​

Take action nationally:

Take action internationally: 

  • Sign up to receive CO Alerts, so you can offer support to conscientious objectors and peace activists around the world who are facing imprisonment.
  • Support the campaigns of War Resisters' International, which unites pacifists around the world (the PPU is the British section). 

Contact us at or on 020 7424 9444.