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Take action

Join with us and support our work for peace

Whatever your experience or location, you can play a part in pacifist campaigns.

Take action in everyday life:

  • Mention your support for peace to your friends, your family, at work, at college, in the pub...
  • Wear a white poppy at Remembrance time, symbolising remembrance for all victims of war and a commitment to peace; you can order them online

Take action online:

  • Please sign to urge Boris Johnson to cancel his trip to discuss oil and arms deal with the Saudi regime - who are bombing civilians in Yemen just as Russian forces bomb civilians in Ukraine.
  • You can sign this petition calling on British ministers to provide humanitarian aid and safe passage for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.
  • You can email your MP to call for an end to arms sales and military support from the UK to Saudi Arabia and other countries involved in the war in Yemen.
  • If you live in the Cardiff area or have connections with it, email Cardiff Council's leaders to urge them not to sell off Britannia Park to a military museum.
  • Get active on social media! You can follow the PPU on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Promote peace and chat with your fellow PPU members and supporters.

Take action locally:

  • Find out if there are local peace campaigns in your area, or in your university, trade union or faith group. If not, we can help you start one!
  • Write to your local paper or call a radio phone-in to express your concerns. We’re happy to provide advice.
  • Sell white poppies in your community, workplace, school, university, faith group or trade union branch. 
  • Invite a PPU speaker to your local group or community.

Take action nationally:

Take action internationally: 

  • Sign up to receive CO Alerts, so you can offer support to conscientious objectors and peace activists around the world who are facing imprisonment.
  • Support the campaigns of War Resisters' International, which unites pacifists around the world (the PPU is the British section). 

Contact us at or on 020 7424 9444.