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New White Poppy Design

A New Chapter for the White Poppy

The new white poppy design has been several years in the making. It has been developed in line with our nonviolent principles and our commitment to the environment.

White poppies have been worn as a symbol of remembrance and peace since 1933. They were first produced by members of the Co-operative Women’s Guild, in an effort to hold on to the key message of Remembrance Day, 'never again'.

Today, true to its roots, the new white poppy design is made by a workers’ co-op.

Produced in the UK by a workers’ co-operative
The new white poppy design is produced by Calverts, a print and design co-operative based in London.
Easy to recycle
The white poppies can be put in domestic recycling with paper and cardboard. Remember to remove and reuse the safety pin.
Plastic-free and biodegradable
The new design is made from uncoated paper and printed using plant-based, biodegradable inks.

The New Design

As the white poppy campaign has grown over time, we have become increasingly aware of the need to minimise our impact on the environment and ensure white poppies are ethically produced. The PPU has worked closely on the project with Calverts, a workers' cooperative based in East London specialising in environmentally responsible print and design.

The new design keeps the traditional look of the white poppy, with two layers of petals and a green centre. It is paper-based, with a folded, self-fastening design, dispensing of any non-recyclable materials.

The new white poppy can be attached with a safety pin. It is designed to be versatile and can also be used in wreaths and displays, by threading wire or string through the holes at the back.

The production of the white poppies has several stages. They begin life at Calverts, where they are printed.

They are then embossed and laser-cut by Papershapers, paper-cutting specialists based in North-East London, before being folded and assembled by hand.