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How to attach your white poppy

Using a safety pin

The easiest way to attach your white poppy is with a safety pin.

Safety pins of the right size are included in packs of white poppies. But if you've lost one, any safety pin will do.

To attach your white poppy, thread the safety pin through the two holes at the back. Then continue pushing to flip it over, so the pin points outwards. You can then wear your white poppy like a badge.

Attching your white poppy with a safety pin

More ways to attach white poppies

White poppies are designed to be versatile. As well as being worn individually, they are used in wreaths at many remembrance ceremonies around the UK and abroad. They are also used by some groups in public installations and displays.

In some contexts, for instance in educational settings, it may not be possible to use safety pins - so there are other ways to wear white poppies too.

To attach white poppies to a remembrance wreath, we recommend threading wire through the holes at the back.

You can also use string or thread, but you may need to use a needle to poke it through the holes.

And if you'd like to wear white poppies without using safety pins, there are many (child-friendly) alternatives. You can use a short length of wire, string or ribbon, or even a small clip or keyring. If using string or ribbon, you will need a suitably-sized needle to thread it through the holes.