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Ten Ways to Support the White Poppy Campaign

1. Spread the word

As Remembrance Day gets closer, remember to wear your white poppy when you go out. White poppies come in packs of 5, 25 and 100 with introductory leaflets, so please pass them on to friends, colleagues and family. If you're unsure about having conversations about the white poppy, please get in touch. You may also find our FAQ page helpful.

Follow the campaign on social media and post about the white poppy. If you're on Facebook, you can follow our busy White Poppies Facebook page. You can also follow us on Instagram, share a #WhitePoppySelfie, or Tweet using #WhitePoppies and #RememberThemAll.


2. Distribute white poppies

Would you like to see more white poppies in your area? A display box of 100 white poppies contains everything you need to start distributing them in your community, faith group, workplace, union branch, university or elsewhere.

Please get in touch if you would like advice on distributing white poppies at street stalls or in public places. We also have remembrance resources for schools and churches.

Many local groups send the money raised from white poppy sales to charities and campaigns addressing the consequences of war.


3. Make a white poppy wreath

Making and displaying a white poppy wreath is a powerful act of remembrance and one of the simplest ways to increase awareness of the white poppy. Choose somewhere significant and visible to lay your wreath, such as a local war memorial or peace garden.

Have a look at our guide on how to make a white poppy wreath. Usually a pack of 25 white poppies is enough to make one wreath.


4. Approach possible outlets

Do you know any bookshops, whole food shops, cafes, venues, community spaces or other outlets that may want to sell white poppies? If you're willing to approach them to ask, this can make all the difference. Or feel free to suggest places to us, so we can get in touch. Thanks in large part to our supporters, we have built up a map of around 200 independent white poppy outlets around the UK.

If you run a shop, cafe or other outlet and would like to sell white poppies, please let us know! We would love to promote you as a white poppy outlet.


5. Join a remembrance ceremony

White poppies make a powerful impact at remembrance ceremonies across the UK. Please visit our events page in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday to find a ceremony near you. There are many alternative remembrance ceremonies focussing on the white poppy's message, as well as a growing number of official ceremonies featuring white poppies, thanks to the work of our supporters who have campaigned for them to be included.

If you are unsure about how to approach the local council, parish council or Royal British Legion about including white poppies at your local official event, please get in touch.

The National Alternative Remembrance Ceremony takes place every year in Tavistock Square, London, in front of the memorial stone for conscientious objectors. All welcome. Please join our mailing list for updates.


6. Organise your own ceremony or act of remembrance

If there isn't a ceremony near you, why not organise one? This could be anything from a small gathering at a local war memorial or peace garden, to a larger event with speakers, readings and a wreath laying.

Groups also organise white poppy displays, installations, stalls, tours and vigils. Watch this video compilation to get an idea of the range of creative ideas and acts of remembrance happening around the UK.

If you are organising a service in your church, you can download our Remembrance Sunday resource for churches, created jointly by the PPU and the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Remembrance resources are also available from the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship, with readings, hymns and poems.


7. Start a discussion in your school

We believe that students should hear a range of views and perspectives on remembrance, war and peace as they grow up. We encourage schools to discuss the white poppy alongside poppies of other colours.

Our educational resource for schools, teachers, parents and carers is designed to help teachers start this discussion in schools and other educational settings. It includes discussion topics, FAQs and activities for primary and secondary levels.


8. Volunteer at the PPU office

Sending out tens of thousands of white poppies every year is a huge task for the PPU. As a small organisation, we depend on the generosity of volunteers who come into our office in London to help pack white poppies.

If you'd like to volunteer, we would love to see you at the PPU office - please email to arrange a time. We also run volunteer evenings in the run-up to Remembrance Day - expect plenty of tea and biscuits! Please join our mailing list for updates.


9. Donate to support the campaign

The white poppy campaign, like all the Peace Pledge Union's work, is only possible due to the support we receive from individuals. Apart from occasional grants, the PPU is funded entirely by our members and supporters.

By donating, you support our year-round preparation for the white poppy campaign, as well as our peace education work and our campaigning against war and the causes of war today.

You can donate here or add a donation when you order white poppies.


10. Join the Peace Pledge Union

By wearing a white poppy, we commit to opposing war and working for peace - and that struggle continues the year round. The PPU is one of the UK's longest-standing pacifist organisations. By joining, you become part of a network of pacifists across the UK campaigning for peace and against militarism in our communities.

If you would like to work with us to create a peaceful cuture of remembrance, to promote nonviolent alternatives to war, and to resist war and militarism, join the PPU today!