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How to Make a White Poppy Wreath

Please note the guide below uses the previous design of white poppy. This is still available from our online store.

The new paper-based design can also be used for making wreaths - please see our guide on how to attach them.

White poppy wreaths feature in many remembrance ceremonies every year around the UK and beyond.

Many people have asked us how to make white poppy wreaths for remembrance ceremonies. So we made a short video showing you how to make a simple wreath from scratch using readily available materials.

The wreath was quick to make (2-3 hours) but if you're after a simpler option, you can order a plain green wreath from a florist and thread the white poppies into it.

To find out remembrance ceremonies featuring white poppies around the UK, please visit our events page in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday.

What you'll need...

Firstly you will need some white poppies. Around 15-25 should be enough, depending on the size of your wreath. You can buy white poppies through our online shop here.

You will also need

  • A coathanger
  • Pliers
  • Secateurs
  • Flexible Wire (such as green florist's wire)
  • Plenty of Foliage

Step 1 - Use the coat hanger to make a ring

Big pliers come in handy, as the coat hanger wire can be very stiff. First twist the ends together, then form a ring. Clip off any loose ends.

Step 2 - Use wire to make small bunches

Make each bunch out of several sprigs of leaves. Here we're using bay laurel leaves, but you can use whatever you'd like. Don't clip the stems too short as you'll need to bind these together. Make sure to bind them as tight as you can, so the bunches don't fall apart. Depending on the size of your wreath you will need around 30 bunches.

Step 3 - Attach the bunches one by one

Tie on the bunches so they overlap, twisting the wire to tighten them in place.

Again, make sure to twist the wire firmly. This is key to making sure the bunches won't slip on the wire.

Step 4 - Attach your white poppies

White poppies have a green wire stem, which is perfect for attaching to the wreath. Here we are arranging the white poppies in a ring, but you can create a scatter pattern instead.

Add an inscription

Finally, if you want you can add a message in the wreath. Here are two examples, one commemorating all victims of war and the other focussing on the impact war has on children.

Come to an Alternative Remembrance Ceremony

We encourage you to bring your wreath to our national Alternative Remembrance Ceremony in Tavistock Square, or to another ceremony near you. You can find a list of ceremonies around the UK on events page.

We would love know how your wreath making goes and to see photos! Email us at or share your wreath on social media.