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An adult helping a child to handle the controls of a mounted machine gun, Armed Forces Day 2018
Concerned parents have warned that organisers of "family" events for Armed Forces Day next weekend are failing to take child welfare seriously and exposing children to mental harm.
Bruce Kent
Tributes are continuing to pour in following the death of popular lifelong peace campaigner Bruce Kent.
Turkish pacifist with a placard supporting conscientious objectors in Russia and Ukraine

There were protests and vigils around the world yesterday (15 May) to celebrate and support concientious objectors past and present. 

Russian anti-war protesters

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has been urged to make a public offer of asylum to Russian soldiers who refuse to fight in Ukraine.

Houses of Parliament

British pacifists have said that repressive measures proposed in the Queen's Speech won't stop people taking direct action.

British army tank in Estonia

The Peace Pledge Union has challenged Liz Truss' call to increase British military spending and send warplanes to Ukraine.

British soldiers in training

In the last year, the world spent $2,113,000,000,000 on armed force, according to figures released today.

Teachers visiting the PPU stand at NEU conference

Teachers at a union conference have been visiting the Peace Pledge Union stand to express support for campaigns against militarism in schools.