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Johnny Mercer MP

Johnny Mercer has been accused of making misleading comments about the prosecution of veterans after resigning as a government minister.

Children in front of a soldier

Research published today makes clear that armed forces' visits to Welsh schools are acting as a "fig-leaf" for military recruitment.

Houses of Parliament

The House of Lords has rejected plans to make it even less likely that UK forces personnel will be prosecuted for torture or other war crimes.

Armed forces cadets marching in Llandudno, 2018

Ministers have announced an additional £1.1 million for school cadet forces in England after a decade that has seen heavy cuts to other youth services.

Royal Navy vessels

UK ministers announce plans for multi-billion pound military projects - but cannot "afford" a decent pay rise for nurses in England.

Ministry of Defence (plaque on the front of the building)

Ben Wallace has promised more money for bugging, surveillance and undercover disruption around the world.

Leaflets promoting the Census 2021

There is growing anger over the role of the arms company Leidos in running the Census for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Trident nuclear submarine

The Peace Pledge Union says that plans for a possible 44% increase in nuclear warheads will be be met with widespread resistance.