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Child handling a weapon at Armed Forces Day event

Joint press release by ForcesWatch and the Peace Pledge Union

Peace campaigners have welcomed the news that there will be no national event for Armed Forces Day this year, as no local councils have come forward to host it.

D-Day landings

On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, peace campaigners have called for remembrance of all victims of war in a spirit of reflection, rather than celebration.

Currently, we seem to be confronted by increasingly dire and desperate news on a daily basis. The recent airstrike by Israeli forces in Rafah, the growing risk of genocide in Sudan, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and now further US-UK air strikes in Yemen.

troops and police on streets

British pacifists have said they will refuse to join or in any way support the military under the Tories’ plans to reintroduce national service, if the scheme is ever implemented.

Semih Sapmaz speaking on CO Day 2024

Earlier this year, when the head of the British army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, called for a “citizen army” to prepare for a ground war with Russia, military conscription was suddenly in the headlines, pushed by right-wing commentators and hawkish politicians.

CO Stone inscription

An Israeli conscientious objector, due to speak at an event in London today to mark International Conscientious Objectors' Day, has called for support and solidarity for conscientious objectors facing persecution around the world.

British tank

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been accused of ramping up global tensions with his pledge to increase UK military spending by £75bn over six years.

Welsh white poppy

On the day that Vaughan Gething’s appointment as First Minister of Wales is confirmed, Welsh members of the Peace Pledge Union have urged him to “strive to make Wales a beacon of peace which can provide an example to the rest of the world”.

Troop and police officer on street

General Sir Patrick Sanders' call for a 'citizen army', raising the prospect of military conscription, reflect the increasingly aggressive militarism of the UK political establishment, as well as the broader rise of everyday militarism in the UK.

British pacifists have called the attack by the US and UK on Houthi targets in Yemen a dangerous and irresponsible escalation in a conflict that threatens to engulf the Middle East.

PPU protests in 2023

Spiralling military spending. Peace campaigners under attack in Russia and Ukraine. The devastating violence in Israel and Gaza. In 2023 there has been no shortage of war and militarism for peace campaigners to resist.

Bill Hetherington

Bill Hetherington, who was at the centre of pacifist activism in the UK for more than half a century, died on Sunday 5th November at the age of 89.

Many tributes have been coming in from across the peace movement by the many who knew Bill and worked alongside him.