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Houses of Parliament

MPs have been urged to stop 'faffing about' and change the law so that all rape and sexual abuse cases are tried in civilian courts.

Plaque reading "Ministry of Defence"

UK government claims about the recent clash between the British and Russian navies have been undermined by newly discovered documents.

UK troops in training

Party leaders have been accused of promoting a simplistic and misleading image of armed force.

The four defendants and their solicitor outside court at an earlier hearing.

The UK Supreme Court has declared that blocking a road can at times be a lawful form of protest.

Houses of Parliament

The majority of MPs have backed the government in rejecting calls for all murder and rape cases to be tried in civilian courts.

Penny Walker with a banner reading 'Fly kites, not drones'

Penny Walker, who was at the centre of many peace and human rights campaigns in the Midlands, has died at the age of 70.

Armed forces cadets marching in Llandudno, 2018

The Peace Pledge Union has accused the Education Secretary of misrepresenting research about cadet forces in UK schools.

Military Corrective Training Centre (military prison) in Colchester

A former sailor who was imprisoned in 2011 has backed calls for a change in UK law to allow forces personnel to leave when they choose.

10 Downing Street

The Peace Pledge Union have called on Boris Johnson and Johnny Mercer to answer urgent questions about interference in a criminal trial.

UK soldiers in training

The Peace Pledge Union has said that it is shameful that global military spending continued to rise in 2020 despite the need to tackle Covid.