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A collection of the newly produced white poppies

Today sees the launch of a new design of white poppies that means they are entirely plastic-free and recyclable in household recycling facilities.

Liz Tuss wearing military uniform and sitting in a tank

As Liz Truss becomes Prime Minister today, she is facing calls to say where she will find the money for her plan of increasing military spending by 60%.

UK troops in training

The summer of 2022 has seen a string of revelations of abuse and ill-treatment within the UK armed forces.

British army tanks

Newly published research has revealed staggering levels of sexual abuse of teenage recruits to the British army.

Plaque reading "Ministry of Defence"

The UK government is facing calls for an urgent investigation into evidence that unarmed Afghan civilians were systematically killed by the SAS.

People holding placards reading 'No Pride in War'
The LGBT Pride parade in London this weekend will include a bloc representing multinational arms company BAE Systems.
British army tank
British pacifists are planning protests following Boris Johnson's announcement of a sharp rise in military spending.
British soldiers in training

'Defence' Secretary Ben Wallace and army boss Patrick Sanders have called for further increases in military spending.

Children handling real guns on a stand staffed by uniformed soldiers at the Armed Forces Day National Event in Scarborough

The Peace Pledge Union has slammed Armed Forces Day events which have seen small children invited to handle real weapons as if they were toys.

An adult helping a child to handle the controls of a mounted machine gun, Armed Forces Day 2018
Concerned parents have warned that organisers of "family" events for Armed Forces Day next weekend are failing to take child welfare seriously and exposing children to mental harm.
Bruce Kent
Tributes are continuing to pour in following the death of popular lifelong peace campaigner Bruce Kent.