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Poster for the Object War campaign, supporting Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian conscientious objectors

On International Conscientious Objectors' Day, Rishi Sunak has been urged to offer asylum to Russians who refuse to be part of the war in Ukraine.

A white poppy and a red poppy

White poppy wearers have welcomed plans to make red poppies recyclable, while urging the British Legion to recognise the link between climate change and war.

PPU members and NEU delegates at the NEU conference

The Peace Pledge Union has backed teachers who are challenging a rise in military spending while education is desperately underfunded.

Russians protesting against war in Ukraine

British peace activists have warned that the Putin regime may use the Tatarsky killing as an excuse to arrest Russian opponents of the war in Ukraine.

Jeremy Hunt

The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has been accused of wasting billions on a sky-high ‘defence’ budget, while failing to adequately address the threats posed by climate change and the cost-of-living crisis. 

UK nuclear submarine

Campaigners have condemned the government’s Integrated Review Refresh 2023, calling it a “wasted opportunity to address the security threats we face.” 

Bloodshed in Ukraine

One year on from Putin's invasion of Ukraine, pacifists in Ukraine and Britain have called for urgent peace talks without preconditions to end the bloodshed.

PPU chair Peter Glasgow with a placard reading 'Nurses Not Nukes'

Britian's leading pacifist organisation has slammed suggestions that the army should be given an extra £10bn in next month's budget.

British army tank

British pacifists have said that sending more Western arms to Ukraine will fuel war and do nothing to bring peace.

A picket line with a banner reading 'Support the right to strike'

Britain's leading pacifist network has criticised plans to deploy military personnel to do the work of striking paramedics and border staff.

Nurses' picket line at St Thomas' hospital

As nurses went on strike today, pacifists said that the UK’s massive military budget would be better spent on services such as the NHS.

British army tanks in Estonia

Members and allies of the Peace Pledge Union will today gather outside the Ministry of 'Defence' to demonstrate and hand out leaflets.