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Banner in Glasgow welcoming the Nuclear Ban Treaty

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has come into effect, putting nuclear-armed states on the wrong side of international law.

Ministry of Defence (plaque on the front of the building)

The Peace Pledge Union has condemned the UK government's purchase of new surface attack missiles for £550 million.

PPU member holding placard reading "Bombs can't defend us from pandemics and climate change"

It's been a tough year. But whenever arms dealers and militarists have sought to wage war and increase their power, they have faced resistance.

Tamsin Omond

Leading environmental activist Tamsin Omond has accused the Prime Minister and Defence Secretary of "missing the point" about climate change.

Ministry of Defence (plaque on the front of the building)

Ben Wallace has claimed that the armed forces will become more environmental by using "sustainable fuels" for combat jets.

Royal Navy vessels

The Peace Pledge Union has said that threats to deploy gunboats are rooted in a naive belief that all problems can be solved with armed force.

British soldiers in training

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says that there is "reasonable basis" to claims that UK troops committed war crimes in Iraq.

Johnny Mercer MP, Minister for Veterans

Minister for Veterans Johnny Mercer is accused of leaking questionable information to push the Overseas Operations Bill through Parliament.

Online poster advertising World Skills UK

British Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain has withdrawn from a careers event after teenage PPU members pointed out its links to the arms trade.

British soldiers in training

The Peace Pledge Union say that they are sad but not surprised by the news that British troops have been deployed to protect oil-fields in Saudi Arabia.