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A picket line with a banner reading 'Support the right to strike'

Britain's leading pacifist network has criticised plans to deploy military personnel to do the work of striking paramedics and border staff.

Nurses' picket line at St Thomas' hospital

As nurses went on strike today, pacifists said that the UK’s massive military budget would be better spent on services such as the NHS.

British army tanks in Estonia

Members and allies of the Peace Pledge Union will today gather outside the Ministry of 'Defence' to demonstrate and hand out leaflets.

Johnny Mercer

The UK Minister for Veterans is facing calls to explain a tweet he sent following the conviction of a former soldier for manslaughter.

Jeremy Hunt

Pacifists have slammed Jeremy Hunt's plan to maintain existing levels of military spending while reducing help with energy costs. 

White poppy wreaths

White poppies will feature in boh official and alternative ceremonies around the UK to mark Remembrance Sunday today.

White poppy wreaths

White poppy wearers will hear messages from people in Russia and Ukraine at the National Alternative Remembrance Ceremony.

Benjamin Zephaniah wearing a white poppy

Leading poet and writer Benjamin Zephaniah has said that we should remember all victims of war and work harder for peace.

Rhun Dafydd displays a white poppy in Cardiff last weekend

White poppies are on sale in shops, cafes and street stalls in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday, with thousands more being sold online.

Rishi Sunak in Downing Street
Rishi Sunak has been urged to ditch Liz Truss' plan of raising military spending by 60% by 2030.
Students protesting at Sheffield University with a banner reading "Rolls Royce off campus"

The Peace Pledge Union has backed students who are taking nonivolent direct action over Sheffield University's links with the arms trade.

Mark Rylance wearing a white poppy

As this year's white poppy campaign is launched today, award-winning actor Mark Rylance has said he will be among the thousands of people wearing a white poppy.