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Help us support young peace activists

The army targets young people for recruitment. With your help we can inspire young people to work for peace instead.

In these uncertain and dangerous times, it is vital that young people are empowered to work towards peace and to guard against military responses to current and future crises. 


Donations are processed via PayPal. Alternatively you can donate by cheque payable to 'Peace Pledge Union' sent to us at 1 Peace Passage, Brecknock Road, London N7 7BT.

Your contribution will support our work with:

  • Young people campaigning against the militarisation of youth.
  • Teachers and home educators offering an alternative approach to Remembrance.

If you would like to help further with fundraising, drop us a line at or call us on 020 7424 9444. Raising money for the Peace Pledge Union helps to give us confidence as we plan work for the future. Thank you!

Peace Research and Education Trust

Our educational work, extensive library and archive are supported financially by the Peace Research and Education Trust (PRET). PRET is a registered charity and so can claim Gift Aid on donations.  For more information about PRET, including how to make a donation with Gift Aid, please download this leaflet or visit the PRET website.