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Resist the DPRTE arms fair - Farnborough

Arms dealers will gather in Hampshire for an event backed by BAE Systems and UK agency that oversees nuclear submarines. Greater Rushmoor Action for Peace - along with allies from elsewhere in the UK - will be there to resist them.

The DPRTE arms fair has moved around the UK because wherever it goes, people object. It used to be in Bristol, but local resistance was so great that organisers moved it to Cardiff for a few years, before local people chased it out of Cardiff too. Then they planned to hold it in Birmingham, but opposition in the Midlands led to them to scrap that idea before it had even taken place there even once.

Now it's in Farnbourough, where BAE Systems are based. BAE, who supply weapons used against civilians in Yemen, are very involved in the DPRTE arms fair. But arms dealers were mistaken if they thought they would have universal local support - Greater Rushmoor Action for Peace are strong, active and ready to resist!

The Peace Pledge Union, along with the Campaign Against Arms Trade and other groups, are very happy to support the local resistance to the DPRTE arms fair.

This year the DPRTE arms fair appears to have an additional focus on nuclear weapons and submarines. The UK's Submarine Delivery Agency is one of DPRTE's "Event Partners". This agency, part of the UKs Ministry of Defence MOD , was established in April 2018 to manage the procurement, in-service support and disposal of UK nuclear submarines - which are built by BAE Systems. Representatives from the US and Australian Defence Departments will be exhibiting at the arms fair.

You are invited to join nonviolent protests objecting to the DPRTE arms fair on Tuesday 5 October. Greater Rushmoor Action for Peace are challenging BAE Systems and the arms industry as a whole and urging the Exhibition Centre to adopt an Ethical Events Policy that rules out arms fairs.

Please bring flags, placards, your voice / any songs, a candle. You are welcome to join in for any or all of the protests:
8.00am: “Meet and Greet” the arms dealers - leafleting at Farnborough main rail station.
9.30am: Assemble at “The Swan” pub car park, 91 Farnborough Rd, Farnborough GU14 6TL (or local parking) head to the Exhibition Centre (5-10 minute walk)
10.00am: Make your voice heard: songful and noisy resistance to the arms fair, close to the Exhibition Centre.
3.00pm: Closing event / words / vigil and reflections (please bring a candle).
4.00pm: “Goodbye and don’t come back” to the arms dealers - leafleting at Farnborough main rail station.
October 5th, 2021 8:00 AM through  5:00 PM
Farnborough International Exhibition Centre
GU14 6XE
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7424 9444
Events Information
Organisation Name Greater Rushmoor Action for Peace