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Remember and Resist - ceremony at the DSEI arms fair (London)

As arms dealers and government representatives enter the gates to the DSEI arms fair, we will hold a remembrance ceremony for people who suffer and die as a result of war and the arms trade.

The Peace Pledge Union is one of many groups that make up the Stop the Arms Fair coalition. We are working in solidarity with many other people and groups challenging DSEI, one of the world's largest arms fairs, as it returns to London on 14th September. 

We invite you to join members and supporters of the Peace Pledge Union in gathering to remember people of all nationalities who have died and suffered in wars. Remembering victims of war leads us to resist war and the arms trade today.

A selection of the names of people of many nationalities who have died in war in the last twenty years will be read out. They include many people killed by the regimes, forces and arms companies taking part in the DSEI arms fair.  More people will die as a result of deals done at DSEI.

A wreath of white poppies will be laid at the gates to the arms fair to remember all victims of war and the arms trade.

All are welcome to join in this remembrance event.

This ceremony takes place on the opening day of the arms fair, as the Tank the Arms Fair day of action begins.

September 14th, 2021 from  8:00 AM to  8:30 AM
West Gate
Excel Centre
(next to Royal Victoria DLR station)
Seagull Lane
London, E16 1GB
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7424 9444