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National Alternative Remembrance Ceremony - London - in person or online

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Every year the National Ceremony makes a stand for a different approach to remembrance, one that confronts the injustices of war, remembers all its victims, both military and civilian, and stands up for peace.

When - 12 noon, Remembrance Sunday 14th November

Attending in person - The National Ceremony will be back in Tavistock Square in London (WC1H 9EX), after a year online due to the pandemic. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Watching online - If you can’t make it in person, please join us online to watch the live stream. Simply visit the PPU's Remembrance and White Poppies page at the time to watch and join the online discussion.

Speakers include:

- Hamit Dardagan, co-founder of Iraq Body Count and the charity Every Casualty Worldwide

- Huda Ammori, activist, writer and co-founder of Palestine Action

- Hosted by Anya Nanning Ramamurthy, organiser of London youth climate strikes and PPU council member

This year the ceremony will highlight the importance of a peaceful and inclusive culture of remembrance at a time of growing instability caused by the climate crisis and the COVID pandemic. It will also mark twenty years since 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, with speakers focussing on the catastrophic impacts of the 'war on terror'.

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More about the speakers

Hamit Dardagan co-founded the Iraq Body Count project in late 2002 with John Sloboda, since when the project’s website has become the world’s largest public database of civilian deaths for a single conflict, recording details of the time, place and nature of more than 50,000 violent events in which they were killed. The organisation's documentation work continues to this day. He and John were also co-founding directors of the charity Every Casualty Worldwide, which they led until 2020. The charity was formed to bring fellow casualty recorders from around the world together for mutual support, to identify best practices and bring greater recognition to their field, culminating in the world’s first set of Standards for Casualty Recording. Hamit has written and co-authored a number of analytical papers on civilian casualties after Iraq’s 2003 invasion, including for the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet, as well as op-eds outlining the case for the detailed recording of all casualties (civilian and combatant) in publications as diverse as the Guardian and British Army Review.

Huda Ammori is an activist and writer with Palestinian and Iraqi heritage. She is the co-founder of Palestine Action, a direct action network launched in August 2020, which seeks to end British complicity with Israel's apartheid regime. Their main target and campaign is against Elbit Systems, Israel's largest arms company, with 10 bases across Britain. Elbit's weapons are marketed as "battle-tested" on Palestinians, built in Britain, and exported to the world's most oppressive regimes. In the first year of the campaigns existence, Elbit was forcibly closed down for over 3 months and reported extensively by independent, national, and international media. Despite facing numerous charges and experiencing severe police intimidation tactics, Huda remains determined to fight for an end to British involvement in the oppression of the Palestinian people and other indigenous groups across the world.

Previously, Huda completed extensive research exposing British institutions investments and ties in companies which facilitate the oppression of indigenous groups across the world - as well as co-ordinating national campaigns to end their complicity. The success of these campaigns has involved the University of Manchester, University of Leeds, HSBC and others ending their investments in corporations which profit from colonialism, death and destruction.

Anya Nanning Ramamurthy joined PPU Council in 2021 after being the PPU's Remembrance Project Intern in 2020. She is a lifelong Quaker and pacifist. She has grown up fighting for peace, attending many anti war and arms trade protests and frequently speaking out against militarism of young people and education. Since 2019 she has become increasingly involved in the youth climate justice movement, including coordinating many of the London youth climate strikes. She also loves to cycle and is studying geography at Lancaster University.



November 14th, 2021 12:00 PM through  1:00 PM
Tavistock Square
London, WC1H 9EX
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7424 9444