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Fund Heating, Not Bombing! - London and around the UK

Members and allies of the Peace Pledge Union will demonstrate outside the Ministry of 'Defence' over the government's failure to cut military spending despite the cost-of-living crisis and climate emergency. There will be other protests elsewhere in the UK.

The UK government maintains the fourth highest military expenditure in the world.

Despite cuts in other areas, tax rises and below-inflation pay increases, Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt have promised to maintain so-called 'defence' spending at its current levels.

But 'defence' spending doesn't defend us! It makes us all less safe by stirring up military tension, distracting our focus from non-military solutions to conflict and diverting vital resources away from tackling the threats that we really face, including poverty, pandemics and climate chaos.

We're struggling to pay the bills and heat our homes. Let's not put up with funding war!

You're welcome to join us outside the Ministry of 'Defence' in central London. Alternatively, if you are planning a protest or other action in your own area, or would like support or advice in doing so, please get in touch at or on 020 7424 9444. We'll be pleased to hear from you.


December 3rd, 2022 from 12:00 PM to  2:00 PM