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Council members and staff


PPU Council is elected each year by PPU members. Council consists of the Chair, Treasurer and up to seven other members. The Council determines the policy, strategy and direction of the PPU between Annual General Meetings, and is responsible for general oversight of the PPU staff and finances. It usually meets four times per year, although there are sometimes also special meetings to address particular issues. Council members, staff and other PPU members also sit on working groups (scroll to the end of this page to find out more).

The most recent Council elections took place in April 2021. If you are a PPU member interested in standing for Council in 2022, please do get in touch at or 020 7424 9444. 

Albert Beale

Albert is a militant pacifist, born-again atheist, Londoner, pedant, and Shostakovich junkie; he opposes nationalism without exception. An active member of the PPU and of War Resisters' International since the 1970s, he has frequently represented both in the media, and has held elected office in both. He became a pacifist at school, on a day when someone was hanged "to show that killing people is wrong". Once a computer programmer, then a physics teacher, peace movement jobs include co-ordinator of the Campaign Against Arms Trade, co-editor of Peace News, and editing an international database of peace organisations. Anti-militarist campaigning has included a focus on Northern Ireland and the Middle East; he also campaigns over public transport, nuclear power, censorship, sexual rights, over-consumption, and local democracy - amongst other things. He has a varied experience of (civil and criminal) legal issues in a political context (with a 100% acquittal record).

Ed Bridges 

Ed joined the Council in February 2020. He is a peace activist in South Wales, where he hopes to develop the PPU’s work in challenging everyday militarism, particularly given Wales’ proud history of resisting and opposing conflict. He is also a campaigner on civil liberties issues, currently working with Liberty to challenge South Wales Police’s use of facial recognition technology. Professionally, Ed has spent a decade working in campaigns, policy and public affairs roles in the devolved nations for a variety of organisations, engaging with government and policy-makers at all levels. He was also a Cardiff county councillor for 13 years, before stepping down in 2017 to spend more time with his two young sons. Ed is a season ticket holder at Newport County AFC, and a junior football coach. He hates writing about himself in the third person.

Bruce Cadbury

Bruce joined the Council in February 2020. Aged 70, he is a Quaker living in London and has combined a passion for environmental campaigning with a successful business career. He believes that a sustainable planet is incompatible with militarism in any form. He is appalled that Britain has lost moral authority in the world due to its position being tempered/dictated to by the economic influences of armaments manufacturers. Bruce is a past Chair of the London Cycling Campaign, a co-founder of the Westminster Citizens Climate Action Network, founder of the Planetary Diet Alliance and a Green Party activist. Bruce is married with two daughters, three sons and eight grandchildren. He has dedicated the remainder of his life to ensuring there is a survivable peaceful planet for his descendants. 

Amy Clark-Bryan


Peter Glasgow (Chair) 

Peter was the Peace Education Officer for the Peace Pledge Union from July 2014 to July 2016 and subsequently joined the PPU Council.  At the Annual General Meeting on 29 February 2020 he took up the role of Chairperson of the PPU. Prior to working with the PPU, Peter worked as the Vice Principal, Curriculum in a large, North London College of Further Education and was particularly interested and involved in innovative curriculum development.  He is also a keen cyclist.

Bill Hetherington

Bill became active in nuclear disarmament in the early 1960s before joining PPU in 1965 and was first elected to PPU Council in 1972. He has been active over Northern Ireland, involving a major trial at the Old Bailey in 1975; represented the PPU in its war tax tax resistance in the 1980s, and for many years has been Honorary Archivist of the Peace Pledge Union, maintaining a significant PPU and Conscientious Objection Archive, and a database of more than 13,000 British conscientious objectors. Has also served as PPU representative to War Resisters' International and was involved in 1994 in setting up the Conscientious Objectors' Commemorative Stone in Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury, London.

Rachel Melly


Anya Nanning Ramamurthy

Anya Nanning RamamurthyAnya joined the Council in 2021 after being the PPU's Remembrance Project Intern in 2020. She is a lifelong Quaker and pacifist. She has grown up fighting for peace, attending many anti war and arms trade protests and frequently speaking out against militarism of young people and education. Since 2019 she has become increasingly involved in the youth climate justice movement, including coordinating many of the London youth climate strikes. She also loves to cycle and is studying geography at Lancaster University.



The PPU has four members of paid staff. We operate a nonhierarchical management system and have pay parity. To contact the staff please email or call the office on 020 7424 9444.

Kathryn Busby (Operations Manager, 4 days per week)

Kathryn joined the PPU in 2019 and has responsibility for infrastructure and governance. This includes financial management, communicating with members and supporters, coordinating volunteering and looking after office systems. After starting her working life as a fundraiser, Kathryn spent three years as a founding co-director of The Equality Trust. Since then she has specialised in setting up and developing operations for small campaigns and charities. Outside work, Kathryn sings alto with the London City Voices choir. She was a member of the Campaign Against Arms Trade steering committee for ten years, and is now treasurer of her local residents' association and a branch treasurer for the Women's Equality Party. 

Saffron Gallup (Education Service Manager, full-time)

As Education Service Manager, Saffron is responsible for developing educational resources as well as providing input and advice to schools/ colleges, parents/ carers and educators. Before joining Peace Pledge Union in 2020, Saffron was an NHS Speech & Language Therapist, working in schools directly with children and families as well as providing training and support to staff. Saffron has a special interest in Autism and is an advocate of inclusive education. She is a keen paper crafter and enjoys bookbinding in her spare time.


Symon Hill (Campaigns and Communications Manager, 3 days per week)

Symon signed the peace pledge as a working class teenager in the 1990s and joined the PPU staff in 2016. Symon's work at the PPU includes co-ordinating campaigning work with other staff and volunteers, dealing with media engagement, editing Peace Matters and overseeing the Everyday Militarism campaign. He also represents the PPU on the Council of War Resisters' International. Alongside his part-time post at the PPU, Symon teaches history for the Workers' Educational Association. He has taken part in campaigns on issues including workers' rights, mental health and queer freedom. He views pacifism as inextricably tied to other issues of social and economic justice. Symon's pacifism is closely linked to his Christian faith and he enjoys working with people of many religions and none in the PPU.

Geoff Tibbs (Remembrance Project Manager, 3 days per week)

Geoff runs the PPU's Remembrance and White Poppies campaign. When he isn't busy distributing white poppies to the thousands worldwide who wear them each year, his work focuses on building a peaceful and inclusive culture of remembrance. Prior to joining the PPU in 2019, Geoff worked on projects in the arts and voluntary sectors, including a hate crime reporting app for London and a magazine for new creative writing. Alongside working for the PPU, Geoff is a painter and a magician.

Working groups

The PPU has nine working groups, each focused on a specific campaigning or operational area. They are made up of PPU members, staff and council members.

The working groups play a vital role in shaping and improving the PPU's campaigns and operations. By contributing knowledge and expertise, they help the organisation to develop its ideas and practices and to fulfil its strategic objectives. The working groups meet in person or online, typically once a quarter although this varies depending on the requirements of the individual groups.

Campaign working groups

  • Everyday Militarism
  • International
  • Peacebuilding and nonviolence
  • Remembrance

Operations working groups

  • Digital Media
  • Diversity
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Personnel
  • Publications & Messaging

If you are interested in finding out more about how they work and how members can get involved, please get in touch at or 020 7424 9444.