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PPU members - book now for our AGM

No Pride in War activists

PPU members - book now for our AGM

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Saturday 29th February 2020, 11am - 5pm

Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

In these difficult times, the need for a strong and active pacifist movement is greater than ever.

We invite you to join other members of the Peace Pledge Union on 29th February in London, to hear more about our work over the past year – and to help us shape what comes next.

There are many ways to get involved with the PPU as a local activist, a member of a working group, an office volunteer, a Council member, a white poppy packer... the PPU is currently run by a very small number of staff and volunteers, and we warmly welcome others who have time to offer!

On 29th February, as well as conducting the formal business of receiving the annual report, approving the accounts, debating motions and announcing who has been elected to PPU Council, we will be reporting back on the progress we have made on the areas of work raised through motions at the AGM in June 2019, and exploring our four campaign areas:

  • Everyday militarism
  • Remembrance and white poppies
  • Peacebuilding and nonviolence
  • Military spending and recruitment

We will also be inviting you to participate in your choice of small group discussions.

  • Resisting militarism in your community
  • What does the Peace Pledge mean in practice
  • Putting our equality and respect policy into action
  • Outreach and engagement - your ideas for membership involvement

You can read our 2019 Annual Report here.

Book your place now

Please book your place now by emailing with the subject line 'AGM booking' and the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Access requirements

We will be providing tea, coffee and a vegetarian sandwich lunch. The venue requires us to make all catering requests at least seven working days in advance and this deadline has now passed. If you have other dietary requirements please contact and we will see what we can do.

You don’t need to book in advance in order to attend, but it is a great help to us if you do. Thank you.

The AGM is a free event for members of the Peace Pledge Union. You can join the PPU here. If you are able to make a contribution towards the cost of lunch, we will welcome donations on the day.

We will also be holding a conference later in 2020 which will be open to all.

Submitting motions for the AGM

Motions for debate at the AGM (including any proposed amendments to the PPU Constitution) may be submitted by any two members of the PPU, provided they have been members for at least twelve months.

The deadline for submitting motions to the AGM passed on Monday 20th January 2020. Emergency Motions, on important matters that have arisen since the deadline for motions, can be submitted on the day for consideration by the Standing Orders Committee.

Peace Pledge Union Council Elections

Report from John Morris, PPU Returning Officer, on 21 January 2020

  1. I have received the following nominations for members of PPU Council:

  • Ed Bridges

  • Bruce Cadbury

  • Amy Clark-Bryan

  • Bill Hetherington

  • Albert Beale

  • Chris Henderson

There are seven vacancies for members of Council. There being no further nominations, I declare Ed Bridges, Bruce Cadbury, Amy Clark-Bryan, Bill Hetherington, Albert Beale and Chris Henderson, duly elected to Council.

  1. I have received the following nomination for Chair from two PPU members:

  • Peter Glasgow

There being no further nominations, I declare Peter Glasgow duly elected as Chair.

  1. I have received the following nomination for Treasurer from two PPU members:

  • John Andrews

There being no further nominations, I declare John Andrews duly elected as Treasurer.

The new Council will take office during the AGM on 29th February.

Motions to the PPU AGM

One motion was received, a proposed addition to the PPU constitution, to be discussed and voted on at the AGM.

Current wording of PPU constitution


4.1 Full membership is available to those who have signed the pledge and pay an annual subscription, the amount to be determined by PPU Council and regularly reviewed. This entitles members to receive the PPU’s regular magazine and other communications, to attend and put resolutions to the PPU AGM and to vote for the PPU Council and officers.

4.2 The PPU welcomes and maintains active contact with many other supporters of its work who are not able to sign the pledge but who support the aims of the PPU.

Proposed addition

Item 4 (Membership): Insert new sub-clause, 4.3: The PPU has the right to refuse membership to, or to withdraw membership from, someone who manifests current views or behaviour that cannot reasonably be considered to be compatible with the principles expressed in the peace pledge, such as by endorsing war or other conflict. The responsibility for taking such a decision rests with the PPU Council and shall not be taken lightly.

Proposed by the PPU Council: John Andrews, Albert Beale, Lucy Beck, Amy Clark-Bryan, Simon Cole, Peter Glasgow, Chris Henderson, Bill Hetherington.

Who is on PPU Council and what does it do?

PPU Council consists of the Chair, Treasurer and up to seven other members. It is elected annually by PPU members. People who were on Council last year are welcome to stand again, as is anyone who has been a PPU member for a year or more (if you have been a member for less than a year, you are still welcome to vote in the election, but cannot stand or nominate).

PPU Council determines the policy, strategy and direction of the PPU between AGMs, and is responsible for general oversight of the PPU staff and finances. The Council usually meets four times per year in London (travel expenses are paid) although there are sometimes also special meetings to address particular issues. Council members also tend to be involved in other ways, such as by sitting on working groups, or working with staff in areas to which they are suited.

If you have questions, please contact us at or on 020 7424 9444.