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"National service" enthusiasts still promising the world

Young soldiers in training

"National service" enthusiasts still promising the world

Supporters of so-called "national service" continue to insist that the reintroduction of military conscription in Britain will solve a range of problems, from knife crime and poor discipline to family breakdown and illiteracy. They rarely mention that it also involves forcing people to wage war. 

Even though the armed forces leadership themselves do not want to see the reintroduction of "national service" - which was abolished in the UK more than 50 years ago - every so often a parrticular commentator or public figure will cause a minor news story by calling for is reintroduction. 

The issue made headlines in Essex today after local media figure and former teacher Simon Warr said that conscription would reduce violence on the streets and give young people discipline. The Peace Pledge Union suggested that you do not reduce violence by training people to kill. 

You can hear the PPU challenging Simon Warr's arguments on BBC Essex (the discussion starts at around 1.07.15).