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General election 2019: Contact your candidates!

With a general election underway, now is a good time to let candidates know your views and ask them to make their positions clear. It's also a good opportunity to put peace concerns up the political agenda. 

PPU members and supporters are therefore contacting candidates in their constituencies to find out their views on war and peace. This lets candidates know that voters care about these issues. It also helps the PPU nationally identify the views of people who may be about to be elected to Parliament.

We invite you to contact your local candidates to ask them for their views on the five issues listed below. You can simply copy and paste the text below, or you may prefer to choose your own wording or pick out just one or two of the issues listed.

You should be able to find your local candidates’ contact details on the websites of their political parties or by typing their names into a search engine.

When you get a response from a candidate, please let us know! This is vital. Scroll down for our contact details. 

Questions for candidates

The Peace Pledge Union is a network of pacifists working for a world without war. We challenge war and militarism in all their forms. However, we have always worked alongside non-pacifists on shared concerns. Our members are therefore asking general election candidates for their views on the following issues.

If elected as a Member of Parliament, will you…

1. Support proposals to raise the minimum age of enlistment in the armed forces to 18, in line with international norms?

2. Support an end to military support for Saudi Arabia and other parties to the war in Yemen, including a complete end to arms sales to the regime and to the training of Saudi forces by UK troops?

3. Seek to ensure that children and young people hear a range of views on war and peace as they grow up, meaning that any visits to schools by armed forces or arms companies involve discussion of the issues involved rather than presenting a one-sided or glamorised image of armed force?

4. Call for money currently allocated to military spending to be used to tackle root causes of insecurity, such as climate change?

5. Back plans for the arms industry to be replaced with socially useful industries (such as renewable energy), ensuring continuing employment for people currently employed in the arms trade?

When you hear back

When you get a response from a candidate, please let us know! You can simply forward on their email to You can also call us on 020 7424 9444 or post the candidate's response to PPU, 1 Peace Passage, London N7 0BT.