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A banner reading "War starts here" faces arms dealers queueing up at DSEI

The Welsh government has sent officials to this week's London arms fair and funded an exhibition stand by an arms industry lobby group.

British soldiers in training

British pacifists have condemned the 'defence' pact announced by the governments of the UK, US and Australia, saying it will make the world less safe.

Three people lie glued together in the road, while police stand over them

The first day of the DSEI arms fair yesterday was greeted by protests and disruptive nonviolence.

Protest at DSEI with a banner reading "War starts here"

Arms dealers will have to pass a remembrance ceremony for victims of war and the arms trade when they arrive at the DSEI arms fair on Tuesday.

Protester climbing on armoured vehicle on the way into DSEI

People are taking nonviolent direct action in London to impede attempts to set up one of the world's biggset arms fairs.

Peace Pledge Union banner

British pacifists have condemned the Taliban as well as the US and UK governments for the situation unfolding in Afghanistan.

White poppy volunteer evening

Full time, seven-week contract from 4th October, salary £33,902 p.a. pro rata. Closing Date - 29th August 2021.

Houses of Parliament

MPs have been urged to stop 'faffing about' and change the law so that all rape and sexual abuse cases are tried in civilian courts.