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I'm still wearing a white poppy, says Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood

White poppies

I'm still wearing a white poppy, says Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood

Former Plaid Cyrmu leader Leanne Wood has said there's one thing that won't change now she's no longer party leader: she will still be wearing a white poppy in the run-up to Remembrance Day. 

Leanne has issued a joint statement with her Plaid Cymru colleague Bethan Sayed, Shadow Secretary for Post-16 Education in Wales. They are both members of the Welsh Assembly. 

Their comments were welcomed by the Peace Pledge Union, which distributes the white poppies and which includes supporters of several political parties and of none. 

"For us, Remembrance Day remembers all victims of war," said Leanne and Bethan. "It is a day to remind ourselves of war’s terrible cost to human life and to remember how previous generations wanted to make sure that ‘war to end all wars’ is in our generation’s past. That human life continues to be lost in unnecessary wars means we should revisit that sentiment today. We should reaffirm that  commitment to strive for future peace."

They added, "The white poppy remembers all those who have been killed because of war or conflict while also symbolising the values of peace, internationalism and dignity for all that are at the core of Plaid Cymru’s vision of a better world."

Given the bilingual nature of Wales, Leanne and Bethan also issued the same statement in Welsh:

"I ni, mae Diwrnod y Cofio yn cofio pob dioddefwr rhyfel. Mae’n ddiwrnod i atgoffa ein hunain o’r gost ofnadwy i fywyd dynol mae rhyfel yn ei chael ac i gofio sut roedd cenedlaethau blaenorol eisiau sicrhau bod ‘y rhyfel i roi diwedd ar bob rhyfel’ yn y gorffennol i’n cenhedlaeth ni.

"Mae’r ffaith bod bywyd dynol yn parhau i gael ei golli mewn rhyfeloedd diangen yn golygu y dylem ailystyried y bwriad hwnnw heddiw. Dylem ailddatgan ein hymrwymiad i ymdrechu dros heddwch yn y dyfodol.

"Mae’r pabi gwyn yn cofio pawb sydd wedi cael eu lladd oherwydd rhyfel neu wrthdaro, a hefyd yn cynrychioli’r gwerthoedd o heddwch, rhyngwladoliaeth ac urddas i bawb sydd wrth wraidd gweledigaeth Plaid Cymru o fyd gwell."

Green and Labour politicians have also endorsed white poppies this year. 

White poppies have been worn since 1933. They represent remembrance for all victims of war, a commitment to peace and a rejection of militarism. The British Legion, who produce red poppies, say they favour Remembrance only for British and allied armed forces personnel and that red poppies show "support for the armed forces". 

White poppies can be purchased online from the Peace Pledge Union or from a number of shop, cafes and other outlets in various parts of the UK.