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remembrance & white poppies

Russian anti-war protesters

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has been urged to make a public offer of asylum to Russian soldiers who refuse to fight in Ukraine.

People lying in the road to the DSEI arms fair, surrounded by police

War and militarism have continued throughout 2021, despite the Covid pandemic and the climate emergency.

Shahar Peretz

Messages of support have been sent to hundreds of conscientious objectors and peace activists in prison around the world.

People place white poppy wreaths in Tavistock Square, London, with a Peace Pledge Union banner nearby

Wreaths of white poppies have today been laid in more than 20 towns and cities in the UK to remember all victims of war.

White poppy wreath

White poppies will feature in both alternative and official ceremonies to mark Remembrance Sunday this weekend.

Bottle of 'Pull the Pin' spiced rum

The Peace Pledge Union has welcomed a decision by the British Legion to remove a grenade-themed bottle of rum from their online Poppy Shop.

A demonstration against the Malvern arms fair

Arms dealers at an event in Worcestershire today have been greeted by protests and nonviolent direct action.

Sticker saying "White poppies available here"

There is now at least one white poppy outlet in nearly every city and large town in Britain, as well as many smaller towns.

A pile of packs of five white poppies

The Peace Pledge Union have today launched this year's remembrance campaign, saying it is a vital time for the message behind white poppies.

White poppies for sale, in a display box with the slogan 'Remember and Disarm'

The BBC says presenters may this year wear white poppies in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday if they choose to do so.


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