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everyday militarism

PPU chair Peter Glasgow with a placard reading 'Nurses Not Nukes'

Britian's leading pacifist organisation has slammed suggestions that the army should be given an extra £10bn in next month's budget.

British army tank

British pacifists have said that sending more Western arms to Ukraine will fuel war and do nothing to bring peace.

A picket line with a banner reading 'Support the right to strike'

Britain's leading pacifist network has criticised plans to deploy military personnel to do the work of striking paramedics and border staff.

Nurses' picket line at St Thomas' hospital

As nurses went on strike today, pacifists said that the UK’s massive military budget would be better spent on services such as the NHS.

Johnny Mercer

The UK Minister for Veterans is facing calls to explain a tweet he sent following the conviction of a former soldier for manslaughter.

Students protesting at Sheffield University with a banner reading "Rolls Royce off campus"

The Peace Pledge Union has backed students who are taking nonivolent direct action over Sheffield University's links with the arms trade.

UK troops in training

The summer of 2022 has seen a string of revelations of abuse and ill-treatment within the UK armed forces.

Houses of Parliament

British pacifists have said that repressive measures proposed in the Queen's Speech won't stop people taking direct action.

Teachers visiting the PPU stand at NEU conference

Teachers at a union conference have been visiting the Peace Pledge Union stand to express support for campaigns against militarism in schools.


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