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Remembrance & White Poppies News

A demonstration against the Malvern arms fair

Arms dealers at an event in Worcestershire today have been greeted by protests and nonviolent direct action.

Sticker saying "White poppies available here"

There is now at least one white poppy outlet in nearly every city and large town in Britain, as well as many smaller towns.

A pile of packs of five white poppies

The Peace Pledge Union have today launched this year's remembrance campaign, saying it is a vital time for the message behind white poppies.

White poppies for sale, in a display box with the slogan 'Remember and Disarm'

The BBC says presenters may this year wear white poppies in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday if they choose to do so.

T-shirt with red poppy depicted as a gunshot wound in the chest

A clothing company has been accused of insulting the dead by selling T-shirts and hoodies that depict a red poppy as a gunshot wound in the chest.

PPU member holding placard reading "Bombs can't defend us from pandemics and climate change"

It's been a tough year. But whenever arms dealers and militarists have sought to wage war and increase their power, they have faced resistance.

Advert for the Alternative Remembrance Ceremony, showing the speakers and a white poppy wreath

Hundreds of people today joined an online ceremony to remember all victims of war and to make a commitment to peace.

Box of white poppies

The number of schools ordering white poppies and related materials has risen sharply in 2020, the Peace Pledge Union has reported.

Johnny Mercer

A group of veterans have been waiting for a year for a response from Johnny Mercer MP, after they criticised his rant against white poppy wearers.

Elizabeth Windsor at a remembrance ceremony

Faith leaders are questioning new Covid rules that change a ban on church singing to allow God Save the Queen to be sung at Remembrance events.