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British troops marching on Armed Forces Day

Rules issued by the Ministry of Defence today ban all armed forces personnel from mentioning "defence" issues on social media without approval.

Hands holding a sign reading 'Healthcare Not Warfare'

People from around the UK have joined calls to divert military spending to tackling problems caused by coronavirus.

Ed Bridges with a sign promoting the Healthcare Not Warfare campaign

A day of online action has begun as people take to social media to insist that military budgets must be diverted to tackling Covid 19 and related threats.

UK army recruits in training

The UK government has paused an integrated review of defence policy to focus on tackling the coronavirus pandemic. 

Peace Pledge Union banner

Calls are growing for military budgets to be diverted to tackling coronavirus, with a Day of Online Action planned for Friday 17th April.

Trident submarine

Three former commanders of nuclear armed vessels in the Royal Navy have questioned the multi-billion pound cost of nuclear submarines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Poster saying "Five years of war in Yemen, made in the UK"

Peace Pledge Union members have joined their voices with millions of people around the world calling for an end to arms sales and military support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

UK soldiers in training

Boris Johnson is facing calls to reallocate "defence" budgets towards the NHS, social care and community support for people affected coronavirus and isolation.

Peace Pledge Union banner

The Peace Pledge Union has said that the potential help of military personnel with tasks such as food deliveries should mark the beginning of diverting military resources to civilian use.


Rishi Sunak about to present the budget

The Chancellor's plan to give National Insurance relief to businesses that hire veterans has been condemned for encouraging employers to engage in unfair discrimination.

Chris Henderson of PPU Council reports back on a discussion about the meaning of the peace pledge

Pacifist determination to resist war was made clear as Peace Pledge Union members from around Britain held their annual general meeting last weekend.

PPU supporters campaigning in the street in Hackney

The Peace Pledge Union has launched a new project to support people in campaigning about everyday militarism in their own communities.