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White poppy wreath among the red poppy wreaths in Bath on Sunday

A wreath of white poppies placed by Quakers in Bath at the city's Remembrance Sunday ceremony has been stolen. This is the fourth year in which this has happened. 

White poppy sellers in Hackney, London

The Peace Pledge Union has thanked everyone who has worn a white poppy in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday this year.

Banner promoting Army Cadets

Young people around the world are taking action against militarism this week.

Majid Majid wearing his white poppy at the Remembrance Day ceremony

The Peace Pledge Union has written to the Lord Mayors of Sheffield and Bristol to praise their decision to wear white poppies at the official Remembrance Day events in their cities. 

White poppy wreaths at the ceremony in London

White poppy wreaths have been laid at events around Britain in remembrance of all victims of war. They also represent a commitment to remember the dead by working for peace. 

Jitei White, walking while wearing a white poppy

Buddhist priest Jitei White is arriving in London this weekend after walking from Lancaster on a 'Great Walk for Peace'. 

White poppy wreath

White poppy wreaths will be laid throughout Britain this weekend to commemorate all victims of war of all nationalities. 

Candle and wreath at last year's 'Remember Refugees' commemoration

The Peace Pledge Union (PPU) is today taking part in an event to commemorate refugees who have died while fleeing war.

Students selling white poppies at Exeter University this year

Sales of white poppies in 2018 are higher than in any previous year since white poppies were founded in 1933.

White poppy box

Conservative MP Johnny Mercer has misrepresented white poppies for a second time. Mercer, the MP for Plymouth Moor View, again implied that white poppies were a recent invention. In fact, they were founded 85 years ago.

Members of the Royal Air Force showing weapons to small children

A poll has revealed that the majority of the public reject the notion that members of the British armed forces should be automatically assumed to be heroes.

White poppies and leaflets

The Royal British Legion, who produce red poppies, have urged their supporters not to insult white poppy wearers on social media.